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DIY Vanilla Infused Oil

The flower pod of a tropical orchid, also known as the ice cream orchid, the scent of vanilla is so pleasing and truly a gift from the tropics! We make our own vanilla infused oil and add it to all things vanilla - from our delicious cacao and vanilla lip balms to our vanilla bean skin cream.

Making your own vanilla infused oil is easy and smells delicious! It will impart a vanilla flavor to your oil to make your lip balm recipe tastier, your face cream more intense, your sugar scrub more moisturizing, vanilla infused skin, or use it straight as a serum for that beautiful face.

I recommend using jojoba, almond, or apricot oils as they are stable and do not have a strong smell of their own. You can buy whole vanilla bean pods at most grocery stores or co-ops in the bulk spice section, and the oils are readily available as well. We love the organic vanilla bean pods that we get from Singing Dog Vanilla in Eugene.

Split the vanilla pod lengthwise, scooping out the tiny seeds with the end of the knife. Put all of this in an 4 or 8 oz jar and fill the jar with your oil. Let sit for at least a week to infuse the vanilla oils into your carrier oil. The longer this oil sits, the better it gets. Carefully pour off the oil you need for your recipe, leaving the vanilla bean (and all the tiny seeds) in the oil. You can leave the bean pod in the oil as long as it is completely submerged and not exposed to air.

Use your precious vanilla infused oil in place of any other oil in your favorite skin care recipes. If it calls for Jojoba oil - why not use vanilla jojoba oil? Enjoy!