DIY: Full moon flower essence

We believe in plant magic and we especially believe in the subtle medicine of capturing plant energetics in water. These sacred waters can be taken by the drop or absorbed through the skin. Either way they can bring a sense of wellbeing and healing to your soul and emotional body.  

While people usually make an essence from flowers or gems, it is equally powerful to capture the essence of a particular environment. We have made eclipse essences, prairie essences, northern lights essences, glacier essences and even wildfire essences.  

To make your own essence, you will need a small glass or ceramic bowl, spring water, tongs or tweezers, scissors, a glass jar, mesh strainer, and brandy.  

To determine what kind of essence you will make, you need to ask permission. Sit with the plant or gem or environment that you wish to capture. Listen for any messages that you may hear. Look for the full moon as it rises over the horizon.

Fill the bowl with spring water and place it near the plant you wish to collect. Carefully cut the flowers so that they fall into the bowl of water. Use the tweezers or tongs without touching the plant if you need to. Place the flowers in the bowl so they make an even layer across the top of the water. Allow the bowl to sit out overnight and infuse in the moonlight and stars. Keep your mind open during the flower essence collection process and focus on your intentions and the plant gifts that you are asking to capture in the essence. Give thanks.  

In the morning, strain the flower essence into the glass jar with the mesh strainer. Preserve your essence with 50/50 water to alcohol. Label and keep in a dark place. This is your Mother essence. Your stock essence is made by adding 10 drops to a 60 ml bottle and diluting again with a 50/50 water to alcohol mixture. To use your flower essence, make your dosage bottle from the stock essence by adding one drop of the stock essence to a 15 mL bottle diluted with 50/50 water to alcohol solution.