Herbal Teas for Healthier Skin

You are what you eat. You may also know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and that what you put on your skin goes directly into your body. Wild Carrot Herbals is consumed with offering the most nourishing skin care for your being.  All of our products contain plants that offer their protection and nourishment both inside and out. Drinking many of these ingredients that we use as herbal teas offer deep nourishment for your organs and your skin as well as basic hydration. Here are a few of my skin care favorites that are also delicious as tea:  

Green Tea

Now the "it" ingredient in the skin care world, green tea both externally and internally offers EGCG, a powerful anti-inflammatory. Also rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea help to protect the skin from sun exposure and clogged pores. Try it ground topically as an infused oil, ground as a mild exfoliator, or as a tea in a toner. Green tea has caffeine. If you are sensitive, avoid this ingredient for your tea.  


One of my favorite plants, ginger root is excellent freshly grated and added to hot water with lemon for a grounding, spicy tea. Ginger stimulates circulation and is warming. This aids in detoxification of the skin and supports the elimination organs of the body. As part of a tea blend, ginger is not only delicious but also acts as a spicy fixative for your tea blend.  


High in minerals, dandelion is incredibly supportive to the liver and kidneys, so therefore supportive to clear skin. Dandelion root in your tea is both delicious and nutritious. Add it roasted for a darker, coffee flavored addition to your tea blend. Or skip the coffee altogether and drink dandelion root tea.  


Specific to dark, boggy places, nettles thrive in places that other plants don't.  High in trace minerals, this earthy, verdant herb adds a touch of greeness to your blend and so much nutrition.  This plant is a powerful blood purifier and will aid in detoxification of your organs and pores.  Nettles infused overnight and consumed the next day will yield the most potent plant medicine.  

Oat Straw

"Feeling your oats" is an expression that comes from this plant's ability to strengthen and nourish your being.  High in calcium and silica, oats are a great choice for your tea to help strengthen thinning skin and hair.  


One of my favorite plants, the hip of the rose is the poster child of feminine beauty and curvaceousness.  Also high in vitamin C and flavonoids, this addition to your tea is not only delicious, but strengthening.  


I feel relaxed just writing about chamomile.  As a tea, chamomile can be incredibly calming.  For the skin, it can also calm inflammation and skin issues like rashes and eczema.  Use chamomile in a tea blend or make a compress out of a wet tea bag and apply to the the skin topically.  


This exuberant plant can be a powerful ally for acne and clogged pores.  Steep spearmint in a blend or use full strength.  I also like to brew a cup to and use it as a facial steam, leaning over my cup and deep breathing and letting my pores open to it's magical goodness.  


One of the biggest anti-viral remedies available, I toss in dried elderberries to most teas that I make at this time of year.  Also high in vitamin C, elderberries impart a delicious fruitiness to your tea and add great color.  Elderberries are balancing to the skin and help to strengthen and even skin tone.  

Orange Peel

I think of the energetics of orange as a great big hug.  If you think about the skin of an orange, the rough outer protects a voluptuous and juicy inner.  Choose orange peel not only for added flavor but the ability to protect over exposed skin and allowing the juicy you to unfold.