Moon in Taurus & Ethanol From Grapes

Greetings friends and family of Wild Carrot. 

I have finally had a moment to sit down and write to you all. I would like to share that we are still open for business in our retail store as well as continuing to manufacture our handmade skin care with love and intention. We have been protected so far in our remote little corner of NE Oregon but we are prepared for what may come. While we hope to continue this fabricating and attending to retail sales, we have the needs of our employees to attend to first. We are getting creative with those who have kiddos who are no longer in school and who no option for child care. We need to respect those who may be anxious and rather stay home. We need to facilitate the financial needs of those who can't work but can't afford not to work. These are the moments that make being a small business owner both very challenging but also so rewarding.  

Years ago, when I used to live in the middle of Oregon wine country, I discovered that my neighbors were selling excess grapes to fortify their wine for port or for distilling to make brandy. I chose to source this local product for use in our process of making botanical oils. The scent was so lovely and it felt so vital and alive. I also chose to use this grape ethanol for sterilizing all of our equipment and surfaces. After all, I was the one coming in contact with it every day and it was sure healthier (and smelled better) than isopropyl alcohol. We continue to use this 162 proof sanitizer on anything that comes in contact with humans or our products. We also use it in our retail store and I made a juniper hand sanitizer with it for my employees. I also use it to make elderberry cordial and St. John's Wort Brandy. If you have ever come here for a tour, chances are you paused for a sip and a toast to life. Now more than ever I am feeling what is most important to me in this life.  

The moon goes into Taurus this evening. Being the Mama of a Taurus, this is the time to get cozy and feel comfortable staying home. Getting organized and feeling protected are all key elements in Taurus. This is also the time to feel grounded. Take a walk, have a picnic on the porch, cuddle on the floor with your fur babies. It seems that the stars are aligning with what we need most right now.  

We are here for you. Your well being is so important to us. Feel free to reach out if we can be of any assistance.  

Sunshine and sparkling mountains,