Our Journey of Conscious Skincare



At Wild Carrot Herbals, we stand proudly as a beacon of integrity, offering a skincare experience that resonates with authenticity, compassion, and the connection between nature and well-being. With a deep-rooted commitment to cruelty-free, plant-based, organic, and sustainable practices, we welcome you to explore the heart and soul of our skincare philosophy.


Holistic Potency: Our Love for Whole Plants

As we craft each product, our guiding principle remains steadfast: the essence of the whole plant is the true active ingredient. We've embraced the profound wisdom that nature imparts and believe in harnessing the full potential of every botanical. By using whole plants rather than isolates, we ensure that our skincare nurtures you holistically, capturing the plant's inherent harmony.


Artistry in Infusion: Crafting with Intention

At Wild Carrot Herbals, our connection with medicinal plants runs deep. We take inspiration from traditional practices, infusing our oils with healing properties that only nature can provide. Our infusion process is a labor of love, meticulously carried out to ensure that each drop of our product holds the essence of the plants themselves.


Purity as a Promise: Our Ingredients Matter

Your well-being is at the heart of everything we create. Our products are meticulously formulated to be free from gluten, parabens, phthalates, and GMOs. Our unwavering commitment to being cruelty-free means that we stand against animal testing. Our journey began on an organic farm, igniting a passion for purity that still guides us today. Just as we choose to avoid GMOs in our diet, we extend the same care to our skincare, ensuring that only the best touches your skin.


Sourcing with Care: Nurturing Relationships

For us, organic isn't just a label—it's a way of life. We carefully source organic ingredients, prioritizing local relationships that align with our sustainability values. Our belief in supporting our community resonates in every choice we make, from farm to formulation.


The Power of Scent: Intentional Aromatherapy

We recognize the impact of scent on our well-being. Our products are delicately scented with the finest essential oils, chosen not only for their aroma but also for their therapeutic properties. Each scent is a deliberate choice, embodying our commitment to your complete sensory experience.


A Symphony of Elements: Our Essence

When you hold a Wild Carrot Herbals container, you're holding more than just skincare. You're cradling a symphony of elements—a blend of exceptional botanical oils, the serenade of bird song, the essence of organic ingredients, the warmth of mountain sunlight, the clarity of joyful rivers, the magic of starry skies, and the unwavering intention that defines our creations.


The Heart Behind the Brand: Jody Berry, Our Founder

Our journey is led by our visionary founder and formulator, Jody Berry. Grounded in her origins as an organic farmer and inspired by her exploration of medicinal herbs, Jody's connection with nature breathes life into every product. Her passion, dedication, and respect for the beauty of our world define our brand, and her legacy shapes our commitment to conscious skincare.


We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us—where skincare is more than a routine, but a celebration of your innate beauty and the beauty that surrounds us. At Wild Carrot Herbals, we are more than a brand; we are your partners in nurturing true beauty, and we are proudly woman and mama owned. Welcome to the heart of conscious skincare!