Support Sustainable Skincare

Being based in rural Northeast Oregon, the nature that surrounds us here serves as the ultimate muse for all things Wild Carrot. The love and reverence we have for the world around us has directly impacted our practices as a business.

It’s no secret that human consumption has had a massive impact on the health of the planet. Up to 45% of plastic produced globally is used for packaging and less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled. Around 18 billion pounds of plastic flows from coastal regions into our beautiful oceans every year.*

If you care deeply for the planet and the beings that inhabit it, you can’t help but be saddened, disgusted and disheartened by these statistics. But deep emotions, no matter how they manifest, are there to move us to change, to do something different.

So let’s use the current state of our consumption as motivation. Motivation to do better.

Since the beginning of Wild Carrot Herbals, we have held sustainability as one of the core values of our company. Everything from using organically grown ingredients, to cultivating our ingredients, to our glass packaging, revolves around honoring nature and creating the most environmentally friendly skincare products possible

Being kind to our planet also means being kind to all those that live on it. Wild Carrot's products are never tested on animals. Our gentle ingredients are GMO-free and family friendly. Wild Carrot Herbals utilizes and respects plants’ natural properties, allowing them to harmonize with our own.

Maintaining that integrity from the inside out also means being mindful of what containers our products come in. Wild Carrot's goodies are housed in glass sourced the USA and Germany. Unlike plastic, glass will not interact with the raw materials and essential oils in our products. As for the lids, we are currently transitioning to 100% recyclable aluminum!

Another huge benefit to glass packaging is that it is much easier to recycle, as well as reuse again and again. Our containers can be used for everything from storing your products in TSA-friendly packaging, to multiple kitchen uses, to having lovely containers to store your own DIY projects in. 

Although we tried to not use outer containers for many of our products for many years, we have found that full packaging provides better protection for our exquisite products. Our new FSC-certified boxes align perfectly with our values. They are made in a small, family-owned mill just up the road from us. These boxes are not only completely recyclable, but also compostable. Using the boxes cuts out the need for plastic shrink wrap and excessive packing/shipping materials while protecting products from dust, UV damage, and shelving mishaps. 

Over-consumption and its effect on climate change can feel burdensome at times but there are many little things that we can do in our daily lives to lessen our individual impact. When we spread the word, and encourage others to do the same, we create a movement. These little acts of love accumulate and truly do make a difference.

Ready to make a change? Here are some steps you can take to cut back on your waste.

  • BYOB. Bring your own bag that is! Say no to plastic bags.
  • Keep a set of reusable cutlery in your bag at all times. Buh bye plastic forks!
  • Store your produce in reusable grocery bags. These can be found online, as well as at many health food stores. Herbs and greens will stay fresh longer when kept in a glass jar with a little bit of water.
  • Support your local farmers by shopping at farmers’ markets. This cuts down on transportation emissions from shipping. Most local farmers tend to use less plastic, fewer chemicals and less packaging.
  • Wild Carrot Herbals offers our luscious lotions in bulk; yet another way to reuse your beautiful glass containers. Many health food stores offer bulk personal care products including ours. 
  • Find a bulk food store in your area. Use old containers and packages to store your goods.  
  • Eat more whole foods. Less packaged foods = less packaging. The fresher the ingredients, the happier your body will be.
  • More DIY! Enjoy the challenge of figuring out what you can make at home. You will save money and significantly cut back on waste.

We have power as individuals. How we spend our money reflects our values as consumers. The phrase “voting with your dollar” rings true here. When we choose to support skincare brands that honor and respect sustainability, we are voting for the future of our planet.

With love,