The Process Behind Mountain Cypress Body Lotion

Mountain Cypress Body Lotion is designed to capture the rejuvenating elements of clean mountain air and the brilliance of mountain sunshine, all within a bottle. It's akin to a tranquil walk along a quiet wilderness path – a moment of connection with the natural world that soothes the spirit. To craft this exquisite lotion, we embark on a journey into the heart of the wilderness, where the majestic ponderosa pines reside, our sidekick Daisy by our side.


These trees, with their resin-filled tips, hold a treasure trove of healing properties that we eagerly harness for our product. Our process begins with wildcrafting the sticky, resin-filled ponderosa pine tips. With careful hands, we delicately pluck these precious tips, knowing that within their essence lies the very spirit of the mountains.



Once collected, we infuse them in organic olive oil, a process that imparts a bright green hue to the oil itself. This infusion is a labor of love, resulting in an oil that is not only visually stunning but also rich in Vitamin C. This particular oil softens the skin while carrying natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties – a true gift from the heart of the wilderness. We combine this unique ponderosa pine-infused oil with aloe vera juice and a luscious blend of nourishing oils.

The result is our Mountain Cypress Body Lotion – a light, uplifting, and entirely natural formulation that envelopes your skin in a verdant canopy of protection. The fragrance evokes the earthy scent of pine, the freshness of the mountains, and the invigorating touch of the sun.

We wanted to share this process with you to offer a glimpse into the heart and soul that goes into every bottle of our Mountain Cypress Body Lotion. It's a labor of love, a dedication to capturing the essence of the wilderness, and a commitment to providing you with a product that brings nature's magic to your skincare routine.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.