Your Guide to Crafting Calendula Oil



In response to several requests stemming from our early newsletters, we're delighted to present a guide on crafting your own exquisite calendula oil.


As we share these insights, our thoughts gravitate towards the enduring and abundant calendula, a steadfast companion in the realm of botanical wonders. Commonly known as pot marigold, this resilient plant gifts us with a profusion of blossoms year-round. A proud member of the daisy family, its petals display a vibrant spectrum, ranging from sunlit yellows to warm oranges, often adorned with earthly brown centers—a reminiscent nod to the aesthetics of the 70s. Radiant and embracing the light, these blossoms unveil their sticky, resinous essence, exuding an enchanting floral and citrusy aroma, akin to the scent of amber.


The optimal time for harvesting calendula is amidst the day's sun-soaked warmth, when the blossoms have attained complete dryness. Whether you choose to infuse them in olive oil fresh from the fields or allow a gentle wilt on an old screen for a few hours, ensuring absolute dryness is key. Fill a jar with these sun-kissed blooms and cover them generously with olive oil. A wooden spoon aids in releasing any trapped air within the jar. To keep the plant material submerged beneath the oil's surface, employ a stone or a weighty object. Seal the jar and tuck it away in a cool, dim sanctuary. Periodic checks for condensation or mold are advisable, along with topping up the contents with olive oil if required. After 2-3 weeks, decant the oil into an airtight, dark glass vessel. This exquisite infusion will retain its potency for up to 6 months, serving admirably in lip balms, personalized salves, or as a massage elixir.


Calendula, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin-soothing attributes, epitomizes a gentle caress to the skin—a boon even for the tender skin of children. Its potency extends to addressing thrush when juiced. Fresh flower tea concocts an excellent eyewash, while the oil functions as a relieving ear tonic.


In our creations, we embrace calendula-infused oil as a cherished ingredient. Our repertoire boasts an array of offerings, from delectable lip balms to stretch salves, firefly sparkle lotion, gaia goo healing salve, goo-goo baby bum balm, sore muscle salves, and hemorrhoid healing salve—all bearing the enriching essence of calendula's abundant vitality.