Wild Carrot Herbals is an Oregon-based skincare company making honest, nutrient-rich products for the entire family.

You may wonder why we find it noteworthy to mention that we are an Oregon-made skincare brand. Jody Berry, owner and formulator, is a fifth generation Oregonian and like the plants that grow here and the products she makes from them, she has been deeply shaped by this place. The French term "terroir" is used with wine and describes all the environmental factors that affect a crop including unique environmental contexts, farming practices and the grapes' specific growth habitat. Like with wine, our location shapes the character of our products. Oregon is a pioneering place and we're proud to do things differently here. Informed by this wild place that we call home, our packaging choices are not so much what is trending but what is recyclable. Oregon was the first state in the country to create a bottle bill in 1971 giving value to the packaging waste alongside the roads and helping to "Keep Oregon Green", the slogan we grew up with. Shortly before the bottle bill went into effect, our entire coastline was declared public land allowing Oregonians a shared sense of abundance. There are over 170 different agricultural crops grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley and the state is home to 50 named mountain ranges and some of the biggest trees on the planet. We search for our raw materials first locally and then radiate out from the heart with the intent of sharing how we create our Landscape of Beauty with the world at large. We care deeply for this planet and for all the sentient beings that inhabit it. We support organic agriculture. We ethically wildcraft plants, and the word "sustainability" is always swirling about in conversation. We ask ourselves "How much is enough?" when considering both our plant harvests and our company's growth objectives. Our skin care is about more than nourishing your skin; our goal is to share the abundance of this place and the magical power of plants as a way to connect with you. When you smooth our products on to your skin, we hope you'll feel this connection.  

Traditional, Plant-Based Ingredients

We believe in using whole plants - not isolates. We love the traditional use of medicinal plants and make our own infused oils to infuse you with their healing bounty.

Our bountiful retail shop @wildcarrotmercantile

Come visit us in our beautiful old mercantile building. Our focus is on wellness and products that support our
sustainability initiatives and our rural community.

Handmade in historic Enterprise, OR

Every container that you hold in your hands was held by our loving hands. We feel that this connection with goods that aren't mass-produced yields a much more potent product.

Now celebrating 22 years!

Wild Carrot Herbals came to fruition in 2000. Owner and formulator, Jody Berry, began as an organic farmer and fell in love with medicinal herbs in college. Her formulations literally come from the ground up and are inspired by her relationship with the plants and the landscapes that nourish them. Wild Carrot Herbals is a woman/mama-owned company based in a small town in NE Oregon. Housed in a historic mercantile on Main Street, over 50 different botanical skincare products are handcrafted, bottled, boxed and shipped by our team of wonder folk. All of the products in our baby set were formulated for family and friends and have been tested firsthand for safety and efficacy for over a quarter of a century. All of the images on this website are from our plants, the animals and the people living in this beautiful place that we call home, our Landscape of Beauty.

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