Amrita's A Woman's Balance Synergy Blend

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The essential oils in Amrita's A Woman’s Balance Synergy Blend are bergamot, rose geranium, clary sage and Roman chamomile. These four essential oils are renowned as a woman's best friend.

Bergamot is one of the most emotionally uplifting essential oils and has been used for centuries to counteract seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight. One of the most troubling symptoms of premenstrual syndrome is a sudden emotional disturbance due to the drop in estrogen, which immediately precedes that “time of the month.” The mildly euphoric scent of bergamot helps to counteract monthly and seasonal depression and maintain positive energy levels.

Rose geranium is chemically composed as if it was tailor-made for women’s physiology. It balances the female hormones, calms the nervous system and, like bergamot, lifts away depression. We don't think it's a coincidence that its universally adored rosy scent has traditionally been a staple in women’s perfumes.

Sweet and soothing clary sage is considered the number one oil for supporting women throughout every stage of life. Clary sage helps facilitate healthy childbirth, balances adolescent hormones, ensures that menstrual periods are neither scanty nor excessive and that cramping and other symptoms of discomfort are soothed, helps nursing mothers produce breast milk, and, in menopause, prevents and reduces hot flashes, tension and mood swings. Another unique feature of clary sage is that it is mildly euphoric, a pleasant experience for many women.

Roman chamomile has a clean, sweet, fresh aroma that perfectly blends with clary sage. Roman chamomile is a premium oil for calming and reducing spasms of all kinds. Just to give an idea of the potency of this demure and gentle-smelling oil, it is best known for stopping asthma attacks. Added to this blend, Roman chamomile ensures relief from any type of abdominal pain and can even lessen a menstruation-related migraine.

Therapeutically, each of the essential oils in A Woman’s Balance is a true star in its own right and each has an incredibly beautiful, comforting scent. Blended together, they create a synergy that is sweetly supportive of women functioning at their very best.  

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy