Amrita's Organic Allergy Ease Synergy Blend

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The ingredients of Amrita's Allergy Ease Synergy Blend are Moroccan blue chamomile, amni visnaga, lavender, rosewood and hyssop essential oils.

Allergy attacks can range from the mildly annoying to the very debilitating. Antihistamine medications are often minimally helpful and can create drowsiness. With the time-tested essential oils in Allergy Easer, you can feel confident that you're helping your allergies diminish in a natural, healthy way.

Moroccan blue chamomile is said to have powerful antihistaminic effects and may help with hay fever and other allergies. Its anti-inflammatory effects are excellent for calming skin hives triggered by allergies.

Amni visnaga essential oil supports normal respiratory function. It is antispasmodic and is a powerful antihistamine. It’s so effective in treating asthma that scientists have created a synthesized version of one of amni visnaga’s major compounds which is used as a part of prescription asthma medications.

Hyssop expels phlegm from the respiratory channels and has a calming effect on the nervous system while rosewood strengthens respiratory function. Lavender is calming and helps minimize allergic reactions by supporting an overall state of relaxation.

If you suffer from allergies that can sometimes get in the way of fun activities, or if you avoid going to certain places where you fear there may be allergens, this potent, blue-colored synergy blend belongs in your purse or pocket. Enjoy the freedom that comes from having a secret weapon against allergies on hand at all times.

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy