Amrita's Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Clary Sage essential oil is the most effective essential oil for balancing the female endocrine system. This gentle, sweet-smelling oil helps restore harmony to women’s hormones, relieving premenstrual tension, lessening cramps and easing menopausal symptoms. A gentle support to the nervous system, clary sage calms, decreases feelings of anxiety and depression, and evokes a powerful sense of well-being and elation. A wonderful adjunct to spiritual and dream work, this essential oil also helps open the door to creativity.

5 mL / 0.17 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy

Farming Method Wildcrafted
Country of Origin France
Plant Part Blossom and Plant
Scientific Name Salvia sclarea
Application Method Bath, Diffusion, Topical (with carrier oil)