Amrita's Organic Respiration Synergy Blend

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Amrita's organic Respiration Synergy Blend increases the oxygenation of cells throughout the body, infusing the whole body with life-giving oxygen and making breathing more efficient. Respiration Synergy Blend may help strengthen overall lung health.

The ingredients of Respiration are eucalyptus globulus, Siberian fir and niaouli essential oils.

The warming effect of eucalyptus is helpful in soothing sore throats and breathing passages. It is antiseptic, attacking cold viruses, and lessening mucus production. It is good for treating and preventing colds, particularly with congestion.

Siberian fir brings relief to conditions of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Its fresh, sweet, balsamic scent purifies the air and is often included in blends to diffuse over the holidays.

Niaouli has a clarifying effect on the breathing passages and is antiseptic, protecting your respiratory system from airborne infections.

If you have issues with your respiratory system or just want to optimize your breathing for overall wellness, Respiration's essential oils come together in a synergy that will do wonders for you, particularly when steam-inhaled.

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy