RMS Beauty Makeup Brushes

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RMS Beauty utilizes "living" ingredients for beautiful skin.
Made with high quality, ultra soft synthetic fibers, RMS Beauty brushes create flawless finishes for your makeup application routine.
Back2Brow Brush- 15cm
How to use: use the spoolie end of the brush to smooth out brows prior to product application. Use soft brush end of the brush to apply product- use damp for a more defined brow. Spoolie can be used at end of routine to soften and diffuse brow product.
Eye Polish Brush- 14.5cm
How to use: dip (cream products) or glide (powder products) brush into product and apply directly to eye area. Swirl brush onto back of hand to remove excess product if a lighter, more sheer coverage look is desired.
Skin2Skin Blush Brush- 13cm
How to use: for both cream and powder formulas. Swirl brush in your cheek product and lightly sweep across face. The soft bristles create and airbrushed effect. 
Skin2Skin Foundation Brush- 13cm
How to use: for both cream and powder formulas. We recommend placing a small amount of foundation on the backside of your hand and using brush to transfer product to the face, using a circular motion on the skin to buff the product. The swirl pattern in the bristles mimic the pattern of applying product with fingertips for an ultra real-skin finish. 
Skin2Skin Powder Blush Brush- 14.5cm
How to use: best for use with powder products. Lightly dust powder blush onto the cheeks.
Living Luminizer Retractable Brush- 9cm
How to use: can be used to apply both cream and powder products. Swirl brush into product and apply to skin, in sweeping motion.
Skin2Skin Beauty Sponge- latex free
How to use: mist the sponge with a setting spray or water to dampen before use. Dip the sponge into product then use a dabbling motion to apply directly to the face.