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The older I get, the more I love rose.  It reminds me of my Grandmothers and gardens and all the feminine beauties before me.  It reminds me of Mary and Guadalupe and miracles.  Rose is miraculous for the skin and offers deep nourishment and thorny protection.  It allows one to be petal soft while knowing that you have all you need to be safe in this world.  We use pure rose essential oil — this time we purchased Rosa damascena from Turkey.  We liked it better than the Bulgarian we got last time.  Rose is the most concentrated of plant essential oils and is said to have the highest vibration.  It takes 2000 LBS of rose petals to distill 16 oz of essential oil.  These concentrated love drops are used sparingly in our products to not overwhelm, but assist the skin and keep those heart doors wide open.  
One of our best sellers — and sure to help you connect with our Victorian grandmothers.  This rose is not overdone.  Made with authentic rose otto essential oil, not only do you get the heady fragrance of a rose blossom, but you smell the leaves and the thorns too.  
For those often ignored places, like elbows, knees and chapped cheeks, as well as all over when feeling especially parched.  
Contains water, organic & fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic cold-pressed rosehip seed oil, vegetable emulsifying wax NF, palm stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, non-GMO tocopherol vitamin E, rosemary oleoresin, potassium sorbate, and pure rose otto essential oil.
8 oz glass reusable canning jar

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