Wildblu Botanicals- Sage Smudge Spray

Wildblu Botanicals- Sage Smudge Spray

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Wildblu Botanicals was inspired by the love of sagebrush. They wanted to capture the unmistakeable and distinct scent of artemisia tridentata (basin big sagebrush) after a warm rain shower. Respectfully, they wild harvesting unique native plants, shrubs, and trees all around the rain shadow of the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon for the Hydrosols and essential oils are crafted through a process of steam and hydro distillation. This process allows the naturally powerful cleansing plant properties that are not only antibacterial, but uplifting. The Sage Smudge Spray emits positive ions that neutralize negative ions that contribute to stress, anxiety and unwanted energy and feelings. 

Ingredients: Sagebrush hydrosol (distilled artemisia tridentata leaves, flowers, stems in water) and essential oil. Refrigerate to help maintain freshness.

2oz mister bottle