Sweet Restoration Synergy Blend

Sweet Restoration Synergy Blend

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The ingredients of Sweet Restoration are Rosemary, Lavender Extra and Sweet Lavandin Essential Oils.

Sweet Restoration is a traditional French aromatherapy formula excellent for maintaining a sense of groundedness and inner balance. This fresh, herbal blend is perfect for use during work hours to avoid getting stressed out during that time.

The Lavender Extra and Sweet Lavandin are relaxing while the Rosemary is invigorating; therefore, this blend supports you while you're engaged in activity. It is not intended to be used to unwind, nor is it intended for extreme activity, such as sports competitions. Rather, this formula is helpful for feeling balanced during day-to-day activities.

Rosemary is a stimulating essential oil that helps revive fatigued muscles and enhance athletic performance. When topically applied to the scalp, it also helps generate thick strong hair, gleaming with vitality. Rosemary is useful for restoring your inner stability, strength and robust energy.

The calming oils of Lavender and Sweet Lavandin can help dissolve negative thoughts and worries in an overactive mind while they help stabilize the emotions. They are famous for releasing tension, enabling you to just “let go.” Lavender and Sweet Lavandin are known to soothe frustration and irritability, especially in times of crisis. They also are cell-rejuvenating when applied topically, helping the skin recover from burns, cuts and infections. In addition, they are used to prevent scarring and stretch marks.

Sweet Restoration is perfect for demanding situations such as surgery, an illness, a cross-country move and all kinds of life challenges that we encounter each day.

10 ml bottle